[Jing • Design] is one of the branch studio related to Newsdays Interior Design Company.

The studio focuses more on the balance between function and forms, continuing to make an adaptation to contemporary Chinese design context in the innovative posture.

As a designer we believe that the design process not only has to provide solutions for customers, but also create further speculation for our designers.


Our Design and research scope includes city planning and urban design, architecture design, interior design and furniture design.

"Heaven and Earth embrace a beautiful vision in silent." Chuang Tzu believes that beauty exists in the nature, in order to understand the beauty of nature, we need to do more observation and exploration.

We embrace the beauty of silent, which represents a "humble" mentality towards design, showing the respect to Chinese culture identity and the new era of time.

One of the key elements of our design is to create a better life for the people. We strongly convinced that design could be the best way to help us understand the life, meanwhile it also helps us to forward the question between the function and the form, and come out with the best  solution for the existing problem. Nevertheless, the design itself should generate a "humble" state which balanced the difference among technology, philosophy and other fundamental elements.

The word "humble", emphasize the natural design of the production rather than exaggerated decoration and useless meaning forms, after thousand times of experiment with models and drawings, the design could be shaped step by step, like the thousand years of carving in Dunhuang Murals. Design is not simply just a container with layout, material, drawing…is also a container building dialogue between thinking and perception.

Today, we are striving to design and explore all aspects of design, as the social environment, media environment, and design are changing and dialectically meaningful today. As Leoh Ming Pei says: "The top priority for Chinese design is to explore a form that is both within our limited physical reach and at the same time respects our own culture.

We research, explore, and we hope that time will follow us to create the best designs and ways.


"Jing - Space" – Research and exploration in space.

A good space design should be based on the respect for life, which pursuing the true nature of the original idea and concept.

In the space where Chen Xiangjing created, is always in minimalist forms and   full of surprises. He is not only an architect, but also a typical idealist, for each project he made, he always pays more attention on the initial impression and feeling, whether this feeling is derived from the site or the cultural implication of space. He tried his best to maintain such initial feelings throughout all the design process.

For example, the interior design for Junlan Hot Spring Resort Hotel in Anji, Zhejiang is designed with the concept of "bamboo". The research and exploration of the bamboo shows more importance at the beginning of the project. The idea of the "bamboo" expressed by the various structure built in the various functional space.

Another example is the HALF-CLOUD Hotel, which is an ancient village different from city. The previous living conditions in the base didn’t adapt to existing living environment, thus the original residents in the whole village gradually moved out. Rainwater in spring and summer of Guangdong constantly washing original cob wall, which also results in damage even collapse of many houses. The whole village was guarded only by several aged people. 

Chen Xiangjing hopes to bring artistic conception of original village to people again. That is a kind of peaceful and elegant living conditions and people are satisfied with their living environment and enjoy it, just like the life of hermits in the ancient. And the pursuit of these living conditions is the original intention of Yunbanjian.

In fact, along with development of China, culture and design, whether it bases on the demand of Chinese native people on their own culture or it is the expectation of foreign people towards China, more and more obviously tend to “Chinese style” or “new Chinese style”. Accordingly, whether on Chinese market or in foreign view, more and more simple designs with “Chinese elements” have sprung up along with it, but real design with inner oriental spirit and essence are like wine which needs many years of precipitation before expression.  

Chen Xiangjing is such an eastern designer who uses thirty years of design career to constantly get close to the bone belonging to “eastern” designs and uses a kind of eastern life-style and life pattern to express his own understanding and cognition of design. Therefore, just like what Chen Xiangjing said “I will never say I am an eastern designer, because what I have design is eastern design. There is no need to explain.”  

 In the continuous design practice and theoretical research, all the process will adhere to the simple understanding of the design, continuing from the initial impression of the concept to the visualization of the whole project.


"Jing - Product" –Research and exploration in furniture and artifacts.

Excellent designers, are usually very creative talent and both literary temperament. Chen Xiangjing is not an intelligent and prolific person, although he has been a few decades since he was assigned to teach at the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts in 1982.

Space and furniture is the one of the major way that Chen Xiangjing expresses himself, and "Jing-Product" is among one of the vocabulary.

"I do not expect the ‘Jing-Product’ to make money at the very beginning of the time " Chen said. “The brand I create is more or less like taking good care of the child, you need give him the time to grow up. As a grown-up brand, I hope he know clearly who he is, what is background and culture he related to, which will show him a distinctive identity as a matured brand. ”

As for product and furniture design, Chen Xiangjing also keeps his consistently “natural” attitude. The years Chen Xiangjing has worked on furniture design are not a few. In the beginning of making furniture, there wasn’t the conception of original furniture in China. Chen Xiangjing also began to explore about furniture only by means of natural instincts of a designer. During nearly twenty years of accumulation, he hopes to release furniture attribution which originally belongs to the East. Thus he has spent nearly two years in exploring skillful craftsmen around China, hoping to exploit again traditional handcrafts.

     After another two years, Chen Xiangjing followed the development of lacquer in China and organized teams to observe many masters of folk handcraft in Yangjiang, Fujian, Chongqing and Guizhou and deeply studied the traditional handcraft of lacquer, and through thinking deeply traditional handcraft and traditional living conditions, he cooperated with Chen Qiji, a successor of lacquer craft which is intangible cultural heritage of Yangjiang, to design /Jing / /Ming/ series of lacquer.  

Each production in /Jing/ /Ming/ series coheres both traditional and modern essence and its design is free and succinct, has tall and straight posture but is comfortable and practical. And warm and smooth lacquer like jade makes people can’t stop wanting to get close and wanting to touch. In China, the confrontation between agricultural civilization and western life-style with rapid pace which lasts for a long time, traditional craftsmen and modern designers, natural textures and advanced technology are broken down to form new products by Chen Xiangjing.  

This is another return of tradition Chen Xiangjing wants and it also is a kind of life-style of “uninhibitedly and comfortably derive from root”, a life-style that he always hopes to devote his efforts to pursue as the person who materializes the oriental spirit.